This agreement will provide your equipment all the necessary labor needed to fully extend equipment life, minimize breakdowns and Keeps equipment operating at its peak efficiency? Our Company will adjust,
Align, calibrate, clean, lubricate, and tighten equipment to preventcorrosion.

This will include:
Adjust belt tension; dampers; burner combustion; chemical feed; Safety and operating controls; super heat; refrigerant charge, etc. Align belts; air fins; drive couplings, etc. Calibrate temperature; pressure and safety controls. Clean coil surfaces, fan blades; condensate pans; tower basins,burner Pilots; ignitors; water and fire tubes, etc. Lubricate bearings; linkages; valve stems; pumps, etc. Tighten motor mounts; blower mounts; electrical connections; Refrigerant piping fittings; bolts; panels, etc.
Paint to prevent corrosion as needed.

Repairs and replacements:
This agreement provides you with all labor cost to Repair or replace any failed or worn part.

Emergency calls:

This agreement provides 24 hour, 7 day a week emergency service. We propose to do preventative maintenance on the equipment located at We will perform ***3 inspections per year. This proposal covers service and repairs on the equipment listed.

Special terms and conditions
1. We agree to give first priority service and response to you on all service calls.
2. We agree to give you priority on emergency breakdowns and repairs
3. It is our intent to minimize breakdowns and replace worn parts before they fail. They will be replaced as deemed necessary by test and inspection and at our option. 4. We cannot be responsible for downtime, loss of production and repair time as this may be beyond our control. Air freight, shipping costs and special taxes on refrigerants are not included in this proposal.
5. We will keep units running at peak efficiency to minimize utility costs.
6. Repair work is priced at our normal working hours. All repairs to be performed are during this time. We may charge for repairs on overtime.
7. Emergency service calls are priced to include overtime premiums.
8. This agreement provides you with all labor required maintaining the above listed units. Repair parts are all-extra and will be invoiced separately.
9. All equipment is subject to a first inspection as this agreement Covers units that are fully operational. This does not cover pre-existing conditions, system design problems. You may elect to delete those units from the full coverage agreement or repair them.
10. This agreement does not cover electrical, gas, water, and drain services beyond the unit.
11. This agreement is subject to all of our normal terms and conditions.
12. This agreement may be cancelled with a sixty day written notice. There may be additional unpaid costs that will billed on a time and materials basis due to an untimely cancellation. Refunds are prorated.
13. Unless specifically stated in the notes section, refrigerant is not included in this agreement

The comprehensive service agreement that is proposed here represents a total package of comfort, assurance, cost control, and extended life for your equipment. Every moving component in the unit is serviced so those breakdowns are prevented before they occur.

The price for this coverage per year $  
This can be invoiced quarterly for $  
This can be invoiced monthly for $  

This proposal is valid for 30 days.
This agreement is valid for (circle one) 1 2 3 years with a cost of living increase allowance at
time of renewal.